Monday, October 27, 2008

White Tie and Gowns

The was a time in which " White Tie " events dominate the high end nightlife scene of major urban US cities.

It was a time in which Nat King Cole was just starting, and Hollywood Musicals were starting their second very popular decade in which a new movie in the genre open every other week.

Do you wish something like that would come back?

The flowing gowns and wandering scents of perfumes.

Smoking lounges were the center of most stag discussions while the ladies enjoyed gossip in the powder rooms all manned by servants.

Just a little rememberance for those who still can not fully appreciate what this age was about.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Betty Davis and Tyrone Power: Movie - Jezebel

Why she got this part and leading man Tyrone Power to work with.

Although Jezebel is often described as a sop to appease Davis after she didn't get Scarlett O'Hara, the Siren's research indicates this isn't the case. The play (produced in 1933, three years before Margaret Mitchell's novel was published) was purchased for Bette Davis by Warner Brothers in 1937, while David O. Selznick was still actively searching for a Scarlett and no decision had been made as to casting. Selznick saw Jezebel , no doubt accurately, as the Warners' way of cashing in on the anticipation surrounding Gone with the Wind and was furious. So in fact, according to GWTW historian William Pratt, Jezebel (which was released in March 1938, eight months before Selznick ever met Vivien Leigh) was the factor that put a period to any chance Davis had at the part. Davis herself always denied the "consolation prize" idea, but in her sunset years she loved to intimate she had come close to Scarlett. Alas, that isn't true either--she was never very high in the running. As early as 1937, when Selznick was working out distribution deals, he rejected an offer from Warner Brothers that was contingent on casting Errol Flynn and Bette Davis and told friends that he would cast Katharine Hepburn as Scarlett before he would consider Davis.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca

Ballroom Dance Classes Ithaca